The XINGtea Story

Founders Tom and Scott LeBon

XINGtea – How the Best Tea Drink Was Born


XINGtea, based in Denver, is committed to producing and distributing what we feel is the best natural premium green tea-based ready-to-drink teas on the market.

Brothers Tom and Scott LeBon had a single-minded drive for XINGtea, borne from their desire to create the best tea drink possible, better tasting, and better for you than other ready to drink tea products. They were passionate about this vision and decided from the beginning, the taste had to be just right, and the quality would be second-to-none. Xingtea is made with only the best ingredients.  The ingredients include the finest green teas, with just a hint of black teas for the smoothest taste, and the freshest, all-natural fruit flavors. Tom and Scott chose cane sugar and honey as the acceptable premium sweeteners, for creating the best tea drink anyone had ever tasted.  More expensive Of course, but the way Scott and Tom saw it, only the best ingredients and the best recipes would give them the best green tea beverage, hands-down.

"We drove our blending partners crazy," Scott remembers. "We made everyone go through so many versions of each flavor; they were about ready to quit. We wouldn't accept it until it was just what we wanted." They would only settle for creating the best green tea-based beverage, and knew the road wouldn't be an easy one.

In the end, everyone agreed, the varieties are delicious (all 14 of them – read about them here). They're unique, and they simply make XINGtea what we feel is the best premium, natural, iced tea on the market.



Because it's made differently than other teas on the market; XINGtea starts with premium quality green tea, then adds just a hint of black tea for that special XINGtea flavor. Then, rather than cooling and adding preservatives, XINGtea fill the cans when the tea is still hot. This eliminates the need for preservatives, and keeps the flavors fresh and nothing but natural goodness in every can.



You can see some of our fans if you go to our Facebook Site.  You will see every age group male and female love our tea.  We always hear “I never liked tea drinks until I tried Xingtea!”  Well, that is why we developed 14 different flavors of tea. Not everyone likes the taste of plain tea, but if you do we have a just the tea for you.  It is our Just Plain Tea, with no sweeteners.  We also have our regular green tea with ginseng, cane sugar and honey.    

XINGtea is currently available in 40+ US states plus other countries and islands; however, we’re working hard to bring this one-of-a-kind taste everywhere.  If you are a distributor or retailer and are interested in carrying what we feel is the best green tea drink available, please use the linked form to submit your request. We would be happy to fill your shelves!

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