Nutrition Overview

Green Tea Nutritional Information



With the whole world drinking green tea, benefits to your health can't be argued. It's one of nature's purest drinks – unfermented tea leaves steeped in water to give you one of the most direct sources of health-enhancing antioxidants on the planet. And calories? Green tea is naturally calorie-free, which is a definite plus for adding such a beneficial beverage to your everyday routine.


XINGtea: The Natural Green Tea – Nutritional Information

At XINGtea, we wanted to preserve nature's goodness in every serving, so we took great care in selecting everything we add to our tea. We made XINGtea because we like drinking green tea. Benefits to our customers were important, so here's how we created 14 incredible flavors to share with you – the natural way:


No Preservatives: By canning XINGtea hot, we can keep Mother Nature in!

No Funny Stuff: You can pronounce and recognize every ingredient in every serving of XINGtea.

All-Natural Sweeteners: If it takes a chemistry lab to make it, we don't want to taste it. We exclusively use cane sugar and honey to add that little hint of sweet to XINGtea.

Easy on the Calories: Green tea is naturally calorie-free. Our Just Plain Tea! Unsweetened Tea is calorie-free and our fruit-flavored varieties average only 60 calories per serving.

Caffeine Content per 23.5oz Can: Green Tea Energy 150 to 155 mgs, Unsweetened Tea-Just Plain Tea 70 to 75 mgs, all other flavors-Ginseng, Mango, Pomegranate, ½ & ½, Blueberry, Peach, Cherry, Raspberry, Lemon, Sweet Tea,& Mint… 30 to 35 mgs.

Lactose & Gluten-free: Problems with gluten? Lactose intolerant? No worries! All of our delicious flavors are free of both gluten and lactose. Enjoy!