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Born to Be Simply the Best Green Tea Drink Around

XINGtea tastes great because we don’t compromise. We knew that to create a great green tea drink, we had to start with the finest ingredients.

So, we start with fresh, filtered water, natural premium green tea, plus a hint of black tea to create a refreshingly smooth blend – we’re pretty proud: it took 18 months to get right! Then, the entire taste experience is enhanced with natural flavors like cherry, blueberry, mint and lemon and natural sweeteners like cane sugar and honey. When it’s made to perfection, it’s ready for canning.

We can XINGtea hot, and that means we get to skip the preservatives you’ll find in other ready to drink teas. We’re proud to say we craft the best green tea drink around. It’s a lot of work because we don’t skip steps and refuse to compromise. But our fans agree – they love the taste of XINGtea and say it’s the best green tea drink they’ve ever had!

Hot Canned: This means no preservatives. Just natural green tea goodness in every serving.

Naturally Sweetened: There’s no funny stuff in XINGtea – just cane sugar or honey.

Naturally Flavored: Everything from mint to blueberry (and all the flavors in between) is created using natural flavors. We skipped the stuff you can’t pronounce in favor of things you can.

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