Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea: Good for You AND Tasty!


Sure, the Chinese know that green tea is good for you. After all – they’ve been drinking it for thousands of years. But there’s actually a scientific background for all of the hype surrounding green tea benefits. Health is pretty easy to come by when you start with such a fantastic tea. This page is designed so you can learn the basics behind green tea and understand why we chose it as the primary ingredient in every XINGtea drink. It’s hard to improve on Mother Nature.


Why Is Green Tea Good for You?

Green tea contains polyphenols and most notably epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). This is one of the most powerful and naturally occurring antioxidants. By drinking green tea, benefits from these natural antioxidants become a part of your diet and are purported to improve health. (Information via the University of Maryland Medical Center)


Why Does XINGtea Use Green Tea Instead of Other Teas?

Like we said – it’s hard to argue with Mother Nature when she makes such a perfect tea! With so many cultures drinking green tea, benefits can’t be denied. With the natural antioxidants and mild taste, it’s the perfect beginning for our 14 varieties of all-natural, preservative-free and sweetened-by-nature teas! It seemed like the perfect partnership to us: green tea benefits, healthy sweeteners and irresistible flavors in a ready to drink container.

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