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May 6, 2015

Xing Tea is a sponsor for the Prader - Willie Syndrome Colorado Association Derby.

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New Review from Thirsty Dudes

Other teas are "all well and good, but this is something that you can tell Don Johnson about."

07.08.2011 – Mike Literman, one of the master tasters over at reviewed our Green Tea with Lemon. Find out why XING iced tea has him considering nixing socks from his wardrobe

Read the full review here.

XINGtea Featured as a Breakout Brand in Beverage World

How XINGtea sets itself apart from the ready-to-drink tea crowd

06.15.2011 – Our founders, Tom and Scott LeBon open up about the rapid growth of XINGtea, including ideas for international expansion.

Download and read the full article here.

XINGtea in BevNETd

How rising supply costs affect changes in the beverage industry

06.08.2011 – In this detailed look at economic factors shaping the beverage industry, Tom LeBon, co-owner of New Age Beverage (brewers of XINGtea) explains the challenges of competing with other, big name brands who seem to be more interested in quantity than quality.

Read the full article here.

Great Beverage World Article on XINGtea

All-natural green tea drink gets national attention

10.24.2010– The headline, "Mile High Performance," tells the story of this delicious, up-and-coming beverage from Tom and Scott LeBon in Denver.

Read the full story here.

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