Try XINGtea Hot!

XINGtea: So Cool It’s Hot (and it’s hot when cool, too):

Since XINGtea is brewed using no preservatives or artificial sweeteners, a couple of pretty cool things happen:

  • you can enjoy our tea either hot or cold
  • there’s no separation during heating
  • and your hot tea tastes delicious, even when it’s cooled off!

No matter the time of the year, you can enjoy a refreshing cup of XINGtea at just the right temperature. Summer barbecues are the ideal place to serve up a pitcher of our fruit flavors, sweet tea or our classic unsweetened tea. When the weather turns brisk, you can take those same flavors and enjoy a steaming cup of natural tea.

Serving Ideas for Cold XINGtea:

  • Picnics & Barbecues: Fill up a pitcher with ice and your favorite flavor of XINGtea. Great for the whole family!
  • Sports: Fill up those bike bottles with XINGtea and freeze them. From freezer to the field, it’ll thaw on the go and leave you with an ice-cold tasty treat when you need to quench your thirst.
  • The Fridge: XINGtea and your fridge go hand-in-hand. Grab a can for lunch or working late. Low caffeine content won’t keep you awake while green tea keeps you at your best.

Serving Ideas for Hot XINGtea:

  • Under the Weather? Try one of our tasty fruit flavors warmed-up in your favorite mug for a throat-soothing sip.
  • Camping: Throw a few cans in the car camping container or your backpack and heat it up. Cans are easily crushed and packed-out to avoid excess weight. (Please recycle)
  • Split It Up: Enjoy a half a can as a hot beverage with your breakfast and cool off at lunch with the rest of the can that you popped in the fridge. No preservatives means you can have some now and enjoy the rest later!
  • Tailgate! XINGtea is an excellent beverage for your tailgating parties… cold or hot.

Ready to heat it up? See all our flavors.

Why are we better? Read about XINGtea green tea nutritional information.

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